Homeless Shelter in College Point, Queens, to House 200 Single Women – Not Men

Opening of College Point Homeless Shelter
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In 2019, a controversial College Point homeless shelter opened it’s doors to 200 single women – not men.

Why Does This Shelter Not House Men?

In December 2018, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) announced that a new 200-bed shelter for single men would open at 127-03 20th Ave in October of 2019.

After that announcement, elected officials and community members openly objected to its opening by organizing petitions, protests, and rallies.

What were the Protester’ Concerns?

These officials and protesters expressed concerns about the general population of the homeless shelter, as well as its location.

More specifically, the groups objected to:

  1. Placing single men – some of whom may have been formerly incarcerated – near five neighborhood schools with young children;
  2. Placing the residents of the homeless shelter in a facility without access to subway transportation; and
  3. Placing residents of the homeless shelter in a facility that is too far from social service centers.

What was the Outcome?

Protesters got their wish shortly before the opening of the homeless shelter in College Point, Queens, – at least partially – when DHS announced that the 200-bed shelter would no longer house single men (as originally planned), but would instead house single women.

In a prepared statement, Sen. John Liu (D-Bayside), stated that “[t]he community remained diligent, vigilant and united and has now successfully secured the conversion to a shelter for women, rather than single men.  Although the plan is by no means perfect, we are satisfied that a far better outcome has been achieved.”

Written by: Robert Armando Pagan

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